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WEEK II Ever at a loss?



Are you ever at a loss for what to say or what to write?

This is one of those times for me, the last thing I want to do is write in my blog.

Of course that really doesn’t matter when you have a commitment to yourself. At least that is what I’m learning lately. In the past I have  neglected my commitments to myself, so much so that, unbeknownst to me I no longer trusted myself to keep my commitments to myself. Now I didn’t realize this until recently I was reading “The Speed of Trust” by Stephen R Covey.

What I got from Covey’s book was that by not keeping my commitments to myself, by telling myself I’m going to make calls, or clean my office or investing time in study or meditation time, and then not keep my word to myself. I created an unconscious distrust of me. How weird is it to think that, while I am trust worthy in the world, I don’t trust me to keep my word to me.

This week I have been working with some new techniques and tools. With the opportunity and support of my Mastermind Alliance  and my commitment to my alliance and my new commitment to myself I have been WINNING. I feel that I have a new opportunity to learn to TRUST myself again. I realize it will take time and consistent positive actions and i can see a light at the end of the tunnel.



  1. coachbillt says:

    Interesting thought about not trusting yourself… I have heard of that book but have yet to read it, will put it on my list for sure!


  2. So many of your thoughts could be put in my blog, it’s eerie. Put better than what I could have said. Thanks


  3. wtrump says:

    Very timely subject for me. I need improvement in this area. I am inspired by your sharing and your words!


  4. brucerbrown says:

    Hey Billy, Excellent observation. Losing faith in our self-commitment is pretty shaky and it hits home with me, so thank you. For loads of reasons I’ve gotten into habits of putting others’ needs first, at least as operating principle, but haven’t been a great shepherd of my own stuff. I’ve been working on turning this around for the last half dozen years and see the MKMMA as a ‘key’ for me to solidify my self-control and alignment with my direction. Surely that can result in not just better results, but also strengthen my commitment to others, as well. Cheers, Bruce


  5. jge2 says:

    Great post Billy. I really enjoyed reading it. Really hit me about what you said in “not keeping word to myself” and creating unconcsious distrust in ourselves. Thanks for sharing!


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