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Week 4 There is an Illusion in the World




The illusion is that our conscious  mind is in control of what we do. I mean the illusion goes, what we think about we bring about, that being said,  for me this has not been the case, or has it. while I have thought the good though , had wonderful intentions, and yet with all those good thoughts and intentions, my dreams have not manifested.

Now don’t get me wrong it’s not as if I don’t have a great life, I do, it’s that I have had some dreams, dreams that I’ve loved, I wanted, I affirmed, I treasure mapped, I set goals, I visioned. I did all the stuff the books, the mentors, the gurus tell me I am supposed to do to bring into life the dreams of my heart.

OK here’s the illusion that, what I think about I bring about, the problem, as I see it is threefold. First I could not keep up the pace, meaning I stopped before the miracle happened. This is not unusual for me, sad to say I have been a great starter and a lousy finisher in the past, That’s not like me now. Also to quote OG Mandino’s Greatest Salesman “Nature acts never in haste” It takes time!!!  The reason it takes time is my second point It’s not what I think about It’s what my Subconscious thinks about what I think about. Yes back to my early illusion, my conscious mind can think all it wants and if my Subconscious does not by in it’s all for not.

Second part of the problem is my subconscious mind has other ideas programed in it that are not in alignment with my hopes and dreams. AND IT RUNS THE SHOW how sad is that. I didn’t affirm, focus, intend, treasure map or love long enough and focused enough to effect the changes needed in my subconscious to make my dreams a reality. Spoiler alert here the subconscious mind is our connection tho the infinite, what I call God Source. Sorry if that offends, well not really.

If your still reading Thank You and onto the third part of my problem of not manifesting my dreams. It for the most part has always been I, me, my. You see I never truly realized the power of “The Master Mind” the tool of connecting with other like minded people. No I mean really connecting, not hanging around on the outside looking in but truly connecting. I have discovered the power of the group. The Synergy that comes from multiple minds focused on the same thing. The feeling of not letting the group down. It is one thing, sad to say, letting myself down, giving up too soon, quitting, not fully committing, it is another all together to let the group down.  There is so much more power when it’s not all about me.

Sorry this is so wordy I’ll quit soon. I appreciate your comments and interest in my journey.

Peace & Blessings

Billy M



  1. Billy, you really hit home to me with this post. I agree with you that our connection with others in this course is a mind blowing experience. We find that we are not alone and at the same time see how we all are changing thru this MKMMA experince and journey together. Thank you for sharing.


  2. samuelkawa61 says:

    In the past I have taken courses and finished but not with 100% effort. Life’s been good but not consistently outstanding. As we all are challenged in this course, my progression manifest because of the learnings from the MKMMA group. You are a vital part of it. Thank you for your blog.


  3. Bill says:

    Thank you Billy for sharing your thoughts with us. We all benefit from your inputs.


  4. I not only read it but was consumed. We have much in common and two things that help me are that “we” are all on a journey together and I, like you, have mostly been thinking about I and not utilizing the power of the group which I am doing more of since realizing this.
    The other is that the old blueprint was not a finisher, always moving onto something else without finishing what I put in front of me first. This helps to know because I have 22 more weeks to keep working on this and I know I want this change badly enough that I will do whatever necessary to obtain it. So the Subconscious definitely has had other plans and that too for me is God Source I am using prayer in a different manner now also to achieve this change. In the end, how can we lose? 🙂


  5. aboomsma says:

    It’s not a wall that keeps you out of the space you want to get in. Don’t try to break some sort of wall you think you have to go through. Time will give you that right sense of thoughts where you will leave the old habits and learn how to use your new habits. If your new habits are in line with the life you and your whole group are, then you will use the habit as if it was something you would have used already but years ago. We all stop into habits we know to much around us and think it’s a normal thing but when you and only you can show the whole group around you that this is just an old habit, they will see the path you are walking.


  6. I see now that we are not alone there are many people in the MKMMA willing to help each of US break free of that old blueprint and take back our birthright. That’s the power of the group of like minded success story’s ready to take flight!


  7. masterkeyannemb says:

    Love your photos and your spirit, Have had similar thought then turned to that source for guidance in my quiet still stis and started to find my way like never before. Lovely and useful things have been happening “out of the blue”.


  8. bcolangelo says:

    I’m also pretty good at starting things, having a lot of great ideas, but not really following through on them. Part of the reason my business isn’t successful. But that is all changing!


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