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Week 7 Breakthrough Say What…



I don’t know about you and for me I am Blown away at what my Marvelous Mind can do when properly used!

I been working in a practice of what Hannal (Master Key) calls sitting in my daily life for 8 weeks or so now. I actually began sitting (meditation) a few years ago and I had not been consistent in my practice until becoming part of MKMMA. A week or so before  the class started I began the practice of sitting. Investing at least 15 minutes a day into myself. No doubt some of you reading this are thinking investing 15 minutes in sitting what a waste of time. I’m much to busy to waste 15 minutes on just sitting. Or their may be those u among you that are thinking 15 minutes that’s nothing I do at least an hour a day.  For the latter group Bravo and congratulations, for the former, invest in yourself you could be amazed as I have been.

This process started out as just sitting and not moving, yes you read that correctly, Not moving for 15 minutes and if I moved I had to start all over again, for another 15 minutes. For me this when I started was not easy, I took practice, if my nose didn’t itch, I got a leg cramp or had to cough for no reason. Although with practice I Got it and I know you can also if your willing to invest in yourself. I call this and investment because the ROI I’ve received from this practice is AMAZING! Thus the OMG at the top of this post and for me it could be a TYG (Thank You God) because I feel so blessed from the experience.

Essentially following the directions in the Master Key I changed my mind. Rather than the voice in my head, rambling on about whatever crazy noise, idea or attitude it wanted to talk about, I got to make my on story and emotional experience. By the way if your wondering what  voice, the one that just asked the question, that voice. Have you ever wondered who’s listening to that voice?

I got to create in my mind the story of my transformation, the transformation created by becoming part of MKMMA and Committing to the processes.  I sat with a friend in my mind and watch his eyes as I talked about the changes that had taken place in my life over the last year. I could feel the water on my cup of blended Chi tea, I could here the sounds of the coffee shop going on around us. Most valuable  of all I could Feel the Joy, pride and Gratitude for all that had happened, and watched my friends reactions and the joy in his eyes at the win that had been created. THIS IS THE PROPER USE OF THE MIND!

Creating and experiencing the life I chose to live. I say creating because I know that everything in this world was first a thought. A thought that was loved supported possibly obsessed over until it manifested in the physical.

On this Sitting thing Try it You’ll Like it. You Are Worth it. And if you want some help or ideas about how to make it work for you, let me know I AM a grateful giver.

Peace & Blessings

Billy M



  1. I love it Billy! Sitting is my favorite part of my morning. I get before everyone and I love the silence.


  2. Hi Billy, What an incredible experience for you. It is amazing what you can do with your mind when you let it work. Dream BIG!


  3. samuelkawa61 says:

    The continuation and consistency in the process can only result in success. Glad to see you had a hie conversation with a friend. Congratulations.

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  4. Andrei says:

    Practice and consistency. I love it!


  5. I too began sitting for 15 minutes before the class began. It’s in my mind the most powerful of all the exercises. I LOVE your TYG. That’s a great one. Onward.

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  6. masterkeyannemb says:

    Awesome experience; thanks for sharing. I too am finding the still sits invaluable.


  7. Great read Billy, I have always known the benefits of meditation, but 8 weeks of sitting for 15mins each night, no opinions, no negative thought and now no TV. Wow we are becoming a new breed


  8. amnpete says:

    LOVE it Billy!!! Great blog my friend!! I can smell your Chai tea – I got the goosies readying your experience as it is so similar to mine. Love your style… x


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