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I live each day to make my life and this day better then the day before. I am a happy and Grateful husband, father and grandfather. After 30 yrs living with my soul mate I am more in love today than ever.

I started my work life in detailing cars & moved to painting & body work when I realized I wouldn’t be able to work that hard the rest of my life I went into sales & marketing. The two things I have focused on for the past 20 years is alternative Health and owning my own businesses.

Eventually my wife & I combined the two and opened an alternative health food restaurant “The Salad Safari”. Where we focused on chemical free foods and teas. We now work from home using the phone and internet to be able to impact more lives and have more time with my family.

I love being unlimited by time, money & old worn out beliefs that no longer serve me or those around me. Working harder on living my life then on making a living. My vocation now is teaching people how to avoid the stress of physical and financial trauma, and how to achieve their life’s purpose.

I’m one of the most grateful men on earth. I discovered how to live the life I love, while making my fortune doing what I love and I really enjoy sharing that with others.

Living at the beach is a blast, hearing, smelling and being at the ocean each day when I awake next to my wife is bliss for me.



  1. Hi Billy I have just read through your entire blog and am impressed. I have lived with my beautiful wife for Fifty Three years and can’t imagine being without her. Part of my DMP is to get back to the coast and to be with the rest off my family.

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  2. bianka2014 says:

    Your week seems to have been as challenging as mine. I am not sure I have broken through I do have a few miracles happening and if I paid more attention and not busy myself too much I would probably see many more miracles daily….But I am hanging in there not letting my old blueprint win. Anna

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  3. bianka2014 says:

    Such a wonderful acknowledgment! I love it.

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