Week 1 MKMMA

Man oh Man what a ride!!!

It is amazing to listen to my mind go nuts with all that is being brought forth for me in this Master Mind
Alliance. For so many years I have made half a..ed attempts at the information offered in the Master key and the other tools being used in this group.

I’ve read Think and Grow Rich, The Greatest Salesman, the Bible and followed the directions in those books (some what and for a short time) I know that what I think about I bring about. I’ve studied the greats in metaphysics and personal development for at least 30 years. I have made some significant changes in my life. The old line If you knew me when… I wouldn’t associate with the old me:) the problem is that with all that head knowledge I’ve not applied it consistently. Long enough with enough commitment emotionally as well as mentally to make the lasting changes I would like to have.

I have a clear sense that the trainers, guides and support people in this Alliance are Committed to my transformation! What a gift I’ve given myself by being the person that has drawn this opportunity to me. Everything I’ve done in my life up to this point has brought me to this place, this time and this opportunity, now it’s up to me to go ALL IN really follow direction and do the actions. It’s my time to BE who I really AM.

Thanks for hanging in on this Journey with me, at the very least it will be one Heck of a ride.

Peace & Blessings

Billy Mitchell


Ready, Steady, Go

I thought to write a quick note to get into the practice.

This will be my Master Key blog, I will keep my thoughts and experiences here for my and all to see.

I am looking forward to a positive trail of bread crumbs that any one may follow to discover the Master key for themselves.

So here goes keepĀ  the faith and follow along you’re in for one heck of a ride:)

Peace & Blessings

Billy M

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