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Press Release
John Smith Staff writer- Times Press Recorder for immediate release Friday July.17, 2018
A local Arroyo Grande couple purchased a local retreat center and begin refurbishing in 2017. This seems to be a rags to riches story and original hero’s journey. I was able to sit with Billy and Maryruth Mitchell, which was not easy as this couple seem on a non-stop mission of service to others, to discover their story.
We are at the retreat center overlooking the ocean just outside Arroyo Grande proper, the location is exceptional, I got a real sense of peace as I came on to the property, the views are awe inspiring. Sitting here in this setting you can feel an air of anticipation, something about to happen.
JOHN, “Billy and Maryruth thank you for investing the time to sit with me today. I love the center you’ve built here. I’ve heard a little bit of your story I would like for my readers to know what it was like for you before this shift in your lives, what happened and what it’s like now. Would you give us the story.”
BILLY “We would love to John. Let me say as we start the only reason to tell our story is the hope that it might inspire others to go for it no matter what their present circumstances may be, the story would be useless otherwise.”
“Maryruth and I met over 37 years ago have been happily married for 35 of those years, raised to beautiful daughters and love watching our 3 grandchildren grow up. We worked hard over the years in several jobs, I mostly in sales and marketing and Maryruth in sales and counseling” “At one time we owned a wonderful healthy salad and sandwich shop called Salad Safari. And we have cleaned toilets to pay the rent as well.” “Although we discovered we truly enjoyed service to others. We developed the Aloha Relationship Workshops and were in ministry.”
“While we had great successes in our relationship and our family we also had some hard trials to and tribulations, not the least of which was a devastating neurological disorder, Huntington’s, our oldest daughter suffers from to this day. And we had a constant struggle with our finances. And as you know John it’s tough to try and change the world while you’re worrying about how to pay your sears bill.”
“We found Network Marketing and loved the idea of no ceiling on what we could make, the idea of time freedom and of course the outstanding products and services available through Network Marketing companies. On top of that MLM is second to none for an opportunity to personally develop and to support others in personal growth and developing.”
JOHN, “Billy let me break in here you first said you were in a Network Marketing company then you finished with MLM. Is that something different?”
BILLY, “I’m sorry John no they are actually one in the same, originally Network Marketing companies were called by a different name, Multi-Level Marketing, thus the short cut MLM. But in the 80’s MLM had a stigma attached to it and the term Network Marketing was used to describe MLM’s and really it is closer to the truth because it is a type of business that markets by word of mouth or a person’s personal network of people, rather than through traditional forms of advertising such as radio, TV and print. Does that make sense?”
JOHN, “Yes it does some what I would like to know more and please continue.”
BILLY, Great John I love talking about MLM’s for it truly has afforded us and millions of others a lifestyle and freedom second to none. But I digress.”
“John the problem was that we knew what was available through MLM we watched as many of our friends did well and we just couldn’t make it happen at the level we knew was possible for us. Until the day, By the Grace of God, I discovered the Master Key Master Mind Alliance created by Mark and Davean Jankowski. We’ll call it MKMMA from now on. This Amazing opportunity opened the space for us to Transformed our lives, no I mean Real Transformation. Maryruth and I had been in personal development for decades and had major life changes as a result, and it was as if MKMMA was the final number for the combination to open the locks that kept us stuck.”
“Through our MKMMA experience our Network Marketing business exploded. Within the first year we had met our goal of $10,000 per month. Sense then we have built a team of likeminded people in over 30 countries around the world. We have supported 10 of 1000’s of people discover the true potential that lies within each of us. We have created a lifestyle that affords us the freedom to travel the world with our family. We’ve been able to invest time with our kids and grandkids, never missing a ball game as they were growing up. And being able to build a financial wall around our family.”
“At the time in MKMMA, we also set a goal to have a retreat center. I know that sounds odd looking back on it, we barley had enough money to cover expenses and here we were setting a goal of $10,000 per month, owning our own home and buying a retreat center. How Wild is that?”
JOHN, “Let me stop you here again Billy. So you mean to tell our readers that as little as 3 years ago you could barely cover expenses?”
BILLY, “That’s right John, I tell you it’s a testament to the Wonders of MKMMA and the human Will” “We were able to In-Vision our exploding our business finding and purchasing our beautiful home and this Magnificent retreat center”
“Now that our MLM business is thriving we still invest time with our team and support new people every day in discovering the freedom and lifestyle that is available through MLM” “And our focus at this time is creating the perfect place here in the Central Coast of California for Spiritual Retreats.”
JOHN, “Sorry Billy but you said Spiritual Retreats, I thought this was a center for personal development it sounds like your making this a religious center, is that so?”
BILLY, “No not at all John, we are not a religious center, in fact all religions creed and cultures are welcome here. What I said was a “Spiritual Center” which as far as Maryruth and I are concerned we are all SPIRIT which has nothing to do with religion. And to quote a Master Teacher Charles Haanel “what is true in every field of endeavor, every experience in life, is true
of the power from which every other power known among men is begotten —
spiritual power. Take away the spirit and what is left? Nothing.” “So ever thing is Spiritual and as I said that has not a thing to do with religion.” “Does that answer your question John?’
JOHN, Yes, yes it does, it’s just that so often these days people are turned off by certain terms, I appreciate the clarification”
BILLY, “I got that John most people form opinions prior to investigation.” “That brings up an interesting point about the business we are in, outside the Center of course for the Center for us is not a business it’s a service our small attempt to give back what we have been so freely given.” “In our Networking business, before we learned certain skills, we would run across people quite often who would come up with statements such as, “Is this one of those pyramid deals?, Do I have to buy a bunch of products?, My uncle on my father’s side twice removed was in one of those deals and lost his shirt, those things don’t work… etcetera” “Talk about contempt prior to investigation” “I love that we no longer hear comments such as those, skills are a wonderful thing, magical really.”
JOHN, I can appreciate that, thank you Billy, now that we heard your story tell our reader and myself what are you plans for the future?”
BILLY “Well John now that we have the Center open and booked for the next year, we are going to enjoy watching the people grow and change as they pass through those gates at the bottom of the hill.” “We have a clear vision for how this Center will be used to serve, it includes growth and development for people Emotionally, Spiritually and professionally because we know if people to learn to fish they will never go hungry. You see for us all that people need is already with-in them, all we wish to provide is a safe place for them to Discover, Uncover and Discard the old and useless and allow their true Brilliance to shine through. We have discovered that if we can support people in looking with-in they will find, what they were looking for they were looking with.”
“Let me say this John it has been and absolute pleasure connecting with you, Thank you for allowing me to ramble on. It’s been cathartic for me to flash back a bit and to flash forward.” “And Maryruth and I are heading out today Europe for a Month long river cruise, part of that life style we talked about.”
JOHN, “Thanks for your time today Billy and your story. May we speak again sometime, I have a sense that this is not the end of the story for you and Maryruth.” “And on a personal level I do want to know more about you MLM business.
BILLY, “Not at all John this is only the beginning, for us the Best is Yet to Be” “And of course John it would be my pleasure to find your about your goals and how we might support you on your life’s journey”
“Peace & Blessings my friend”


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  1. Billy, That was a nice press release. Liked the way you you told John about the MKMMA experience in your life and your explanation of MLM. Thanks for sharing.


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